Taramesh group is a marketing and communications solution company with more than 30years experience. Our expertise in numerous sectors combined with our enthusiasm and creativity, encouraged us to enter in a new path of advertisement technology . We are the exclusive executor for selling Digital Replacement Technology within the U.A.E and Iran.

What is digital replacement technology?

Regardless which country you live in, this innovative technology helps you to broadcast a different advertisement to the viewers at home.Through this new, direct and cost effective approach you will be able to advertise during all Barcelona or Real Madrid soccer games. ‘Digital Replacement Technology’ opens a new door for international companies to take benefits from sports events for presenting their products. This technology allows countries with specific advertising regulations to be taken into consideration. The execution of this technology can be differentiated within a country or region.
If you are interested in advertising within Barcelona or Real Madrid soccer matches, please contact us by emailing; info@tarameshgroup.com