DBRLive technology connects global sport with local audiences by allowing in-event perimeter billboard advertising to be modified for different broadcast feeds and, therefore, targeted at specific audience groups. Fans across the world watching a live sporting event see live TV feeds identical in every way – but with pitch-side advertisements relevant to them.

This ‘smart’ communication channel brings brands closer to the TV audiences watching the event; allows advertisers to buy and plan regionally; and increases value for rights holders and broadcasters.

Segmenting billboard advertising by market allows:

– National and regional advertisers to reach only their relevant audiences
– Global brands to regionalize their messages
– Rights holders to sell the same physical advertising space several times over digitally
– Broadcasters to monetize rights and improve sales and sponsorship propositions

DBRLive replaces existing perimeter systems (such as LED) with specially manufactured billboards, which appear normal to fans in the stadium itself, but can be replaced with digitally-generated graphics on the broadcast feed. Spectators at the stadium see the original billboards, which are visibly unaltered by DBRLive’s technology. And to TV viewers, the digital billboards also look completely normal – the same kind of perimeter advertising that is a standard feature of all high-profile live sports events today.

DBRLive works equally well at both indoor and outdoor events and integrates seamlessly with host broadcaster facilities at each event.

Our ground-breaking technology means that multiple live feeds can be generated, each with different graphics in any electronic media form – including animation and video.

DBRLive goes further still, with a series of integrated features that take perimeter advertising to even more sophisticated levels.